Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

Hypnotherapy is a  therapy that uses the power of positive suggestion to bring about  changes to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. During hypnotherapy you are put into a gentle state of relaxation or trance. Once you achieve a state of deep relaxation  your mind is open to receiving positvie suggestions, that can help you change habits, conquer fears and phobias and  leave behind addictions. Although you are in a deep state of relaxation you are fully aware of what you are doing at all times.

As an analytical hypnotherapist I aim to help you find the root cause of problems such as phobias or insomnia and find ways to solve or ease them. This can help produce long lasting positive results.


Hypnotherapy can help with a variety of issues including:

Weight loss
Lack of confidence
Addictions such as smoking
Pain Reduction


Past Life Regression

This involves going back in time to lives we have already lived. In many cases, health issues, phobias/fears, relationship problems or othr emotional blocks do not originate in this current life, but the cause can be found in one of our past lives.

Through regression therapy, we can begin to recognise the negative patterns of behaviour playing out in this lifetime, that have played out before, in past lives. We are then given the opportunity to break karmic cycles, heal and move forward with our lives. Through awareness we can evolve.

Some clients may ust wish to experience a past life regression out of curiosity. It is fascinating to find out who we once were in past lives.  Accessing past life memories can also help us to heal. To recognise that we are in essence immorta, can contribute to our own personal growth.


If you would like a free initial consultation to see if this is suitable for you please contact me and we can organise an appointment or discuss things over the phone. All information is confidential.

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