Reiki Training Courses


 Reiki 1 course Saturday 16th of Nivember 2019 at a cost of £85. Venue 18 Midton Road, Prestwick. I take a £30 (non refundable) booking fee to secure a place.

Reiki Level One training and Attunement is geared toward personal growth. It provides all the knowledge required for self-treatments and for delivering therapy to friends, family and treasured pets.

Reiki Level One is a necessary first step in learning to practice Reiki and students may choose to remain at this level or proceed to Reiki Level Two.

 Reiki 2 course   of October 2019 at a cost of £85.Venue 18 Midton Road,Prestwick. I take a £30 (non refundable booking) fee to secure a place.

Reiki Level Two course gives you the training to deliver Distance Healing and offer therapy professionally to the public.

The attunement takes place on the day of training and the Certificate is awarded at the end of the day, upon completion of the course.

These are one day courses starting at 10am and finishing at 4.00pm. They combine related history, theory and all of the practical skills you will need to offer Reiki healing.

Reiki Masters/Teachers course. This lasts one day. To gain entry to this course you must have a Reiki 2 certificate and have been doing Reiki for 1 year or more. I would expect you to have a good working knowledge of reiki and know your symbols well.

Feedback-Many thanks for a wonderful day during the Reiki 2 course.I felt really at home and the folks there made it easy to relax.  Your style of teaching did likewise.As a result, I relaxed, making it much easier for me to take things on board.I am already seeing many benefits in my Reiki path through life.Much stronger energy flow using the symbols. More confident about taking on a Reiki challenge. Utilising my intuition more.  Practising distance Reiki….. etc.


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