Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is one of the oldest healing methods known to man. It is still practised all over the world today. In shamanism we believe that all things are alive and have energy from plants to animals and stones. When carrying out a healing I will work with my spirit allies or guides to carry out a healing in which the person as a whole is treated. I often use drums and rattles and incense during a treatment.  The methods used vary and often include extraction, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval and use of the shamanic journey or trance to bring back wisdom or information for a client.

Extraction is the removal attachments, intrusions, blockages and negative energy. As we go through life we meet a variety of people and situaltions some are happily positive and some are negative. At times we can pick up this negativity.

Soul retrieval – when someone has a traumatic event in life it can leave them feeling fragmented or not feeling like their normal self. In shamanism we believe that this is because your soul has become fragmented. As a healer I will seek to help you feel whole again by retrieving this lost part.

Power animal retrieval – as a healer I wll work with my spirit allies to help during your healing.Often during a healing a spirit ally will make itself known and wish to work with the person receving the healing. This usually comes with a gift of wisdom or knowledge or the type of animal itself will be significant to what is going on in a persons life.

 You may benefit from a shamanic healing if you have any of the following:

  •   feel that something is lost or “missing”
  •   lack confidence
  •   have relationship difficulties
  •   feel blocked or stuck in recurring patterns
  •   have experienced trauma in childhood or at other times
  •  sense energy or entity attachments
  •  are dealing with depression
  •  have unwanted addictions or compulsions
  •  experience negative thoughts
  •  are dealing with grief or loss
  •  need support to identify or achieve our aims
  •  lack focus
  •  have inexplicable “bad luck”
  •  are going through a life transition
  •   need knowledge of, or healing for, an illness


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